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4 Misdiagnosis of Depression: How Often Is Depression Misdiagnosed

How often is depression misdiagnosed

How Often Is Depression Misdiagnosed??

What if the treatment that you’re going through is not right??

What would you do if you get to know that your doctor made a mistake in diagnosing your disease??

That’s annoying (rather unbelievable) isn’t it??

Well, getting confused in case of mental illness is quite normal and justifiable.

Afterall every mental illness we know about have almost the same symptoms, therefore, it becomes quite difficult for the doctors to diagnose the right problem.

For example, nail biting is a symptom of anxiety disorder, OCD, depression, and other mental illnesses as well, thus it ultimately becomes difficult to diagnose any one illness with these common symptoms.

Thus, here we will talk about how often is depression misdiagnosed and the common conditions that are misdiagnosed as depression.

So, if you think that your doctor has made a mistake or you feel that the treatment you’re going through is not helping you get better then you better stick till the end of the article and read each and every point carefully, as nothing is as important as your Mental Health!!

How often is depression misdiagnosed
Different types of mental disorders

Is It Common To Misdiagnose Depression??

When it comes to the possibilities of misdiagnosing depression I’d say that it’s pretty much possible for everybody to misdiagnose any mental illness as depression.

The question of how often is depression misdiagnosed can’t be answered easily though!!

Psychological sickness is regularly hard to analyze, especially on the grounds that there are not many physiological tests to help clinicians make a finding.

Diabetes is analyzed through blood tests, cancer is analyzed through biopsies and clinical imaging, however psychological sickness is to a great extent analyzed through agendas of self-announced side effects.

Hence, dysfunctional behaviors, including depression, are usually misdiagnosed.

Now let’s read about the 4 common mental illnesses that can be misdiagnosed as depression and then we’ll discuss about how often is depression misdiagnosed nowadays!!

Common Conditions That Can Be Misdiagnosed As Depression

Bipolar Disorder

Just like depression, bipolar disorder also includes times of extreme lows. During these lows, individuals with bipolar disorder experience similar indications found in misery.

They may feel miserable, useless, or even self-destructive. In contrast to discouragement, nonetheless, individuals with bipolar confusion additionally experience high periods, or madness, in which they feel sure, gainful, or large and in charge.

How often is bipolar disorder misdiagnosed as depression
Bipolar Disorder & Depression

Some of the time this hyper stage is charming to such an extent that individuals with the issue can’t remember it as a feature of their sickness, thus they just look for help during their low periods.


In this condition, the thyroid organ doesn’t deliver an adequate measure of hormones. Since these hormones are fundamental for the mind and body to work, individuals with this problem normally experience weakness, lessened focus, and a low mind-set—all attributes of wretchedness.

Scientists gauge that over 20 million Americans have hypothyroidism, however up to 60 percent of them are uninformed of their condition.

How often is hypothyroidism misdiagnosed as depression
Hypothyroidism & Depression

All things being equal, they wrongly accept that they are effectively exhausted, sluggish or, indeed, depressed. In contrast to sorrow, be that as it may, individuals with hypothyroidism are excessively delicate to cold temperatures—and may feel cold constantly.

They’re likewise bound to encounter dry skin, going bald, and a rough voice. Hypothyroidism can be appropriately analyzed through a basic blood test, and treatment requires just a single pill daily.


Individuals usually develop Type 2 diabetes without being aware of it. They may out of nowhere wind up shedding pounds, feeling exhausted, and becoming crabby.

Since these indications are additionally connected with depression, individuals may neglect to perceive that their body is having issues with insulin. One forerunner to Type 2 diabetes, insulin opposition, has been fundamentally connected to misery.

Individuals with diabetes are additionally in danger for “diabetes distress,” a condition that imitates depression.

Relation between diabetes and depression
Diabetes & Depression

A recent report found that individuals determined to have both diabetes and depression experienced diminished sorrow manifestations subsequent to getting medications to help oversee diabetes.

At the end of the day, their side effects were not because of gloom, yet the pressure of living with an ongoing ailment.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Otherwise called myalgic encephalomyelitis or systemic exertion intolerance, this condition is portrayed by extraordinary exhaustion that has no evident reason.

Relation between chronic fatigue syndrome and depression
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression

Persistent exhaustion condition likewise includes trouble in concentrating, muscle agony, and issues with rest—all indications related with depression too, which is the reason individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome are so habitually misdiagnosed.

Fortunately, there is at any rate one clear contrast among depression and chronic fatigue syndrome and that is that: People with depression are both exhausted and uninterested in their hobbies, while those with persistent weariness may even now need to partake to their greatest hobbies and interests regardless of their absence of energy.

How Often Is Depression Misdiagnosed By The Doctors

So the question is how often is depression misdiagnosed?? & the uplifting answer to this question is that today, misdiagnosis of depression is moderately exceptional.

“Depression is analyzed dependent on a bunch of manifestations, which has demonstrated to be amazingly exact,” says Dale Archer, MD, a clinical therapist in New York City and Lake Charles, La.

“It’s consistently conceivable to have an ailment as the main driver with precisely the same side effects, however in medication we call this ‘searching for zebras’.”

How often is depression misdiagnosed
Rate of depression misdiagnosis

Be that as it may, misdiagnoses are conceivable — and it is for the most part a smart thought to hear a second point of view, particularly in the event that you are not inclination better with your present treatment.

In the event that you’re not reacting to your endorsed routine, a full physical and research facility assessment should be performed.

When it comes to how often is depression misdiagnosed I would say that weakness can be a manifestation of an ailment or depression, so that should be the focal point of the work-up, as per Dr. Toxophilite. In the event that the lab tests return ordinary, at that point chances are likely that depression is the right conclusion.

At last, the question of how often is depression misdiagnosed doesn’t stays relevant, on the off chance that you essentially don’t feel any connection with your psychiatrist , therefore, it could be the ideal opportunity for you to get a second opinion.

There is help out there — it might simply require a little exertion for you to discover it.

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